In the beginning God created!

God is the master creative genius. You only need to look around to see how creative He is. Over generations His creation has inspired people to paint, draw and create the most wonderful pieces of art and the most beautiful pieces of literature.

God created each of us uniquely but for the same purpose – To know Him, Love Him and to bring Him Glory.

Here at WDBC we love to use the Creative arts to express our love to God and to help others learn and know who God is.

We do this through many different forms –

Music Singing Media Drama Fine Arts

Why creative arts ministry?

Because God created it! God uses it! People respond to it! We can express our worship to God and hear from God through it.

Music / Singing

Music is an important part of who we are at WDBC. Our services include a mix of contemporary and traditional music that help us to express through song our worship and praise to God.

Our musicians and vocalists take part in our 2 Sunday Services and other special events in the life of the Church. Each person plays on a roster basis.

Rehearsal Times

Thursday 7:30pm – for Sunday morning service
Sunday 4:00pm – for Sunday evening service
Team Nights are held once a month. Here we work together to enhance our skills through work-shops, as well as encouraging each other to grow in our faith in Christ.

Auditions for musicians and singers are held at regular intervals.

Tec / Media Teams

The Tec Team are responsible for running all of the technical equipment that facilitate Sunday Services and other events. They are the ones who make sure that the people on stage can be heard and seen along with displaying Media presentations. The roles that they perform include lighting, sound engineering, words presentations, video and media production.

They also develop visual art that enhances our weekly services, special events and productions, helping people get to know Jesus and inspiring them to follow Him more closely every day.


At present we only use Drama in selected services and special events but would love to see this area develop more in the future. Our main use of drama is in our Christmas Musical that we present each year. This has given many people the opportunity to discover new gifts and skills that they may have in this area.

Fine Arts

Painting, Design, Photography are just some of the mediums we can use to communicate, inspire and express who God is.

This area of creative arts is usually used for special events in our Church such as Musicals and Service series. Art can sometimes speak louder in a single image then hundreds of words ever could.


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