The Wodonga Baptist Church began in 1950 as a small country church, which served several Christian families in Wodonga.  In 1975, a core group of members moved to the developing west of Wodonga and formed the Wodonga and District Baptist Church (WDBC).

The congregation continued to meet in a home and then relocated to a local High School as the congregation expanded.

In 1990, a new Church building was built and 1993 saw a large hall added to the rear of the building.  Continued rapid growth required the sanctuary area to be extended in 1996 to increase seating capacity twofold.  In September 2001, an adjacent unit was purchased to provide three counselling and meeting rooms for staff. This development arose through the expanding needs of a growing church.

Throughout this period, one morning and evening church service was held weekly.  Today, WDBC has a complex of buildings with a sanctuary that seats approximately 600.  550 people, including children, regularly meet each week. Another extension to the back hall to provide additional room for Children’s Ministry was completed at the end of 2008.

Extensions were completed in 2010 to meet the expanding needs of the many in-church ministries.

In 2017 Swahili/English services commenced.

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