Various teams of volunteers from the WDBC congregation help to make the church function, on a roster basis. If you would like to join one of the teams, contact the team leader or complete an Expression of Interest form and mail it to the church office or hand it in at the Church Information Desk in the foyer before or after Sunday services.

All team leaders can be contacted through the Church Office on 02 6056 1777 or

Car Parking

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Each Sunday service, teams of two or more people from the car parking ministry strive to park the congregation in a manner promoting safety, order and promptness. Often being the first point of contact for any visitor, we aim to conduct our duties in a friendly demeanour and attempt to cater to the needs of all people and their vehicles.

If you’re looking to serve and don’t mind being exposed to the elements, this might be the ministry for you!

CD Ministry

WDBC CD Ministry
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All sermons are recorded on CD and are available from the Information Desk in the church foyer for a cost of $2.00 each. We are still always grateful to anyone who would like to offer their services to a ministry that takes little time but is vital in spreading the Word.


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Church cleaning is now undertaken by small groups and a roster is coordinated through the office.


The WDBC Library is a great source of information and resources across a broad variety of topics to suit all levels of users, to encourage us all to thrive. There are over 4,400 items available and these include books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and small group resources. The Library is open after the morning service. Parents are encouraged to help their children borrow items from the Library. You can borrow up to 4 books, 2 DVDs and 1 CD for 2 weeks and need to return all items before borrowing more. We have a Sale box (gold coin donation) for duplicates and ex-Library titles. We accept donations of books, DVDs and CDs. So please come and check it out!

You can browse the contents of our library by clicking on WDBC Library Holdings as at March 2020 to download an excel spreadsheet for you to look through.

Coordinator: Sharon Cleggett



This service involves looking after the church grounds and co-ordinating any maintenance on the buildings. The surrounds are fairly low maintenance so the job is not difficult along with the fact that our church community cares about God’s property. There are several garden beds that are low maintenance and well established. Concrete areas are cleaned using a blower and a walk around to pick up any rubbish completes the task. The work fills about 2 hours once a week. There are very few grassed areas and these are mowed once a month.

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