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Small Groups are one place to connect on a regular basis. We also have many other activities that run during the week and they can be found on our Groups page.
A small group is a place to…

share, laugh, learn, cry together, grow, develop, support, inspire, reach out, converse, interact, pray together, make friends, be challenged…

What is a small group?

A small group is a group of people, usually 6-12, who meet together with an identified leader on a regular basis, usually weekly and in someone’s home, in order to experience authentic Christian community.

Why are small groups important?

In a big church such as ours, it is very difficult to experience authentic Christian community by just getting together on a Sunday. Therefore WDBC seeks to be a big church made up of small groups, in which people have the opportunity to connect with a smaller group of people and thereby experience a sense of belonging to and participation in the larger community, which is the church.

Small groups seek to connect people to God as the ultimate source of life, through God’s Word and each other in authentic Christian community.

Small groups provide the ideal environment for experiencing the transforming power of relationships in which we can love one another, grow in Christ-likeness, and serve one another practically.

We would encourage everyone to participate in small group life, as this is one of the most significant ways in which we can encourage each other to Thrive! in our spiritual journey.

Our Vision is…

To become a church where everyone experiences authentic Christian community

(in order to achieve this vision)

Our Mission is…

To help people Thrive! in Christ by connecting them to God through his Word & each other in authentic Christian community in order to: love grow serve

Our Core Values are…

1. Spiritual Transformation (John 13:15; Rom. 8:29).

Helping people to thrive in Christ & experience spiritual growth, becoming more like Jesus in heart, character & life.

Reading, reflecting on & living out God’s Word.

2. Authentic Relationships (Mark 3:14; Acts 2:46).

Connecting people to each other in communities of grace for the development of authentic Christian community. Experiencing the transforming power of relationships of acceptance, trust, openness, authenticity & accountability.

Loving and serving each other practically.

3. Training in Leadership (Eph. 4:11-12).

Supporting and training small group leaders as the most strategic people in the spiritual transformation process of the church. Providing encouragement & accountability (coaching huddles & one-to-one catch-ups), skills training & vision casting.

4. Reproduction of Groups (2 Tim. 2:2).

Being open to growing & reproducing groups so that unconnected & unchurched people may experience authentic community in group life.

Developing an apprentice leader in each group so that emerging leaders gain on-the-job experience to help prepare them for leading new groups.


Various, mostly midweek evenings, some daytime


Small groups meet in various locations

Contact Hans Sommer, our Small Group coordinator on 0404 891 144

Enquire at the Church Information Desk in the foyer and fill in an expression of Interest form, or

Fill in a yellow card (included in church newsletter) during Sunday church services and place in the offering container.

Contact the office at

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