Who is this Jesus? Calendars mark the time that has passed since his birth. About one third of today’s population makes some claim to be his followers. And yet he lived over nineteen centuries ago, never leaving the Mediterranean province of his birth. He wrote no book, but more books have been written about Jesus than about any other human being. He launched no political party but has an estimated 1,600,000,000 followers. It took the authorities only one swift stroke to scatter his sect and put him to a horrible death. Yet his movement has outlived every empire and culture with which it ran parallel.

Who is this Jesus? Jesus Christ is God’s Son who lived on earth for 33 years. The Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell what Jesus did in the last three years of his life. We learn that Jesus had many followers including twelve apostles. Jesus spent time teaching about God’s Kingdom and what that is, healing people from various infirmities, performing miracles and giving hope to many.

While Jesus had the full attributes of God he was also human. He knew the experiences of temptation, tiredness, hunger, thirst, and pain. He knew how it felt to be angry, disappointed, happy, surprised, elated, despairing.

The heart of the Christian message is that Jesus died for all people and was raised to life, conquering sin and death. Because of his resurrection Jesus has affirmed his own teaching that he is the Son of God and therefore offers peace with God to those who place their faith and trust in him.

Jesus gave instructions to his followers to make disciples in all nations. Since he ascended into heaven, churches (communities of believers) have been established in places around the world.

Who is Jesus? He is the Son of God who challenges you to become a Christian by considering his claims, accepting his forgiveness for your sins and receiving the gift of salvation.

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